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  • Do I have to order prints through you?
    No, I do not currently sell prints. I allow my customers to do these on their own to get them at a lower cost. You do not have to have a print release to print photos.
  • How far do you travel?
    I travel up to 30 miles from my home for free (address not disclosed on the internet for obvious reasons...) Anything over 30 miles is subject to a $.50 cent per mile fee. And hey, if you want to get married in Hawaii, I'm always down as long as my plane ticket is paid for...
  • What comes with the session fee?
    So you want to book a photo session? GREAT! Here's what it comes with: Me on-site for your designated shoot time Full quality, high-resolution digital copies of your images (see pricing and packages to find the exact number) I do not sell prints, you may order these on your own. Print releases are no longer required at most photo stores, so you won't need one. Additional photos are available for purchase if there are any available. You have 10 days after your photos are returned to you to decide if you would like to purchase extras, after that they are deleted forever.
  • What locations do you recommend?
    My favorite location to shoot at is by far is someone's farm or in a field. I LOVE the way that the sun shines through tall grass or over a field. Please ask for my "LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION" guide to see which photos were taken where!
  • Can you help me pick out our outfits?
    YES!! Message me or view my "Dress for Success" blog post. Different hair and eye colors and skin tones work differently with different colors!
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